Blogging is something I've known for awhile I SHOULD be doing. As my 8 year old says dozens of times per hour, "no offense", it's for me and my mental health more than it is for you. Pandemic's got me feeling isolated and while I never THOUGHT I was a person who required much human interaction, turns out I was dead wrong. I miss my friends. I miss nonsensical chit-chat with co-workers.  "Buuuuut, social media, you wack-job?!" I know... This blog will hopefully serve as a hub of sorts to keep my VERY scattered brain (I'll have to tell you all about my late in life ADHD diagnosis later) in check. Or at least SOMEWHAT in check. It'll be a mixture of thoughts, life observations, complaints, radio | musician stories and probably brutally honest product reviews since YOU KNOW I have no filter. I'll tell you about our new Emotional Support Threads designs and what's inspired them. Also, since I tend to decorate and redecorate my home more often than my husband would care to admit, I'll toss ideas out for us to discuss as well. Of course there will be serious stuff... anxiety, depression, step-parenting challenges my husband and I have been navigating, fun with meds and more. Anyway, WELCOME to my new home. Don't mind the boxes... We haven't finished unpacking.

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